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5 Words I Do Not Say

Choose your words wisely. Words make a difference. I have eliminated the following words from my clinically vocabulary over the years, due to the negative connotation they convey, or they just don't sound so good and make the patient uncomfortable. Enjoy.

Neurotoxin- I do not like the way it sounds and neither do patients. “You’re putting what in my face!! Toxin!! Im going down the street to get Neuromodulator!!” Extreme. Maybe, maybe not. We know that we are using Botulinum Toxin, and a great majority of the patients we treat know this as well. That doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone wants to hear the word, TOXIN, aloud.

Definition of toxin - A poisonous substance that is a specific product of the metabolic activities of a living organism and is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues. Yuck!!

Definition of modulator- To adjust to or keep in proper measure or proportion. That makes me feel better.

Dilute- Don’t you dare use it. Don’t! We reconstitute Neuromodulator, we never dilute Neuromodulator. To dilute something has a negative connotation, it makes it appear as if we are cheating our patients out of something.

Definitition of dilute- To diminish the strength, flavor, or brilliance of (something). Sounds horrible. Why would you do that? I want my Neuromodulator brilliant and full strength. Don’t you??

Clients - Call me old fashion. I am a medical professional. I practice medicine. I am administering a medical treatment, thus they are my patients. Client to me, and maybe this is just me, conveys that this indivudual, that put their trust in me, is being treated like a commodity. They are not. They are my patients. I have taken time to build a relationship with them. They trust that we will do what is best for them. We will be available for them and to them. Then, hopefully, they will spend a ton of money and send all of their friends to us as well. I’m kidding about that last part. Kind of.

Paralyze - Seriously!! Why would you tell your patient that your going to paralyze their muscles? Is this before or after you tie them to the chair and rip their fingernails out! Have a heart. I personally would rather relax the muscle, or reduce the force of contraction. You get the idea. ”

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