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Botox v. Dermal Fillers: What's The Difference?

A question that I hear none to frequently....and here is the answer..

Botox (and it's cohorts) is a neuromodulator. It modulates neuro's..but really.. Botox basically decreases the amount of communication between the nerve and muscle. Soooo, when you make that face, you know which face I am speaking of..the deep lines go away, and your expressions look softer, refreshed...delightful! Doesn't work as good, or at all, for deep lines or creases that exist at rest....this is were our friends the Dermal Fillers come in..

Dermal Fillers..Deep lines, creases, jowls, volume loss, hollowness, DLS (disappearing lip syndrome), sunken eyes, dark circles, lines, folds, nose problem, ear lobes hanging loose...etc...these are jobs for the Dermal Fillers of the world. Dermal Fillers are utilized to address volume loss, structural loss..projection of tissue, resolution of dynamic discord, tissue rejuvenation, collagen generation..

In summary...Active lines of motion...Botox....all the other stuff Dermal Fillers...Happy New Year

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