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Bruising…The Bane Of Our Cosmetic Existence

Bruising is not an uncommon event following nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. Although It is true that development of a bruise is uncommon with most of these procedures, it can, and does happen. I inform al of my patients that I will do everything that I can to decrease the incidence of bruise incitement, but anytime a sharp object is introduced into the skin, there is a risk of bruising.

Treatments such as Botox and most dermal filler applications are typically associated with little to no bruising, but more complex procedures, and, treatments involving the eyes and lips are associated with an increased chance of developing the dreaded bruise.

What steps can be taken to ward off this loathsome beast? Glad you asked…

What can the Provider do?

It is true that we cannot control every aspect of the procedure, but there are variables within our jurisdiction that will promote decreased risk..

  • Careful, considerate introduction of the needle

  • Slow, steady, mindful injection

  • Use of blunt tip micro-cannula (preferably no smaller than 25g)

What can the patient do?

I never endorse patient’s stopping any medications that have been prescribed by their medical provider prior to cosmetic treatment. The increased risk of bruising associated with some prescription medications is acceptable when measured against the endangerment of the patient’s health from discontinuation of a prescribed therapy.

  • Stop any non-medical supplements 5-7 days prior to procedure ( the most common offenders leading to increased bleeding (bruising) are….Vit E, Gingko, Echinacea, Ginseng, Fish oil, Krill oil…)

  • Alcohol..hold off until after the procedure

  • Take Arnica…Arnica montana tablets have proven to be effective in decreasing bruising in patients…I now recommend my patients begin taking Arnica 4 days prior to procedure and continue for 4 days following procedure..reduces bruising dramatically..

Hope this helps….Until next time…

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