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Fact or Fiction; Volume 2

Dropping more knowledge, fact, evidence based medicine to wrap up 2020.

PRP and PRF are basically the same thing.


Yes PRP(platelet rich plasma) and PRF(platelet rich fibrin) are both obtained by drawing and spinning your blood down to isolate platelets, PRF is a 2nd Generation Platelet concentrate. PRF was developed in the early 2000's by Dr. Joseph Choukroun in Nice,France. The primary objective of PRF was to develop a therapy utilizing higher platelet concentrates that did not contain the known inhibitors of wound healing contained in PRP. The anticoagulants in PRP were removed, centrifugation protocols modified and PRF was introduced. PRF is a 3D fibrin scaffold. This PRF mesh allows for the slow gradual release of growth factors over time.PRF also contains Leukocytes within the fibrin matrix which allows for an enhanced secretion of growth factor from the cells involved in tissue regeneration.

Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers work better if you drink more water..


HA(Hyaluronic Acid) is the main polysaccharide in human extracellular matrix tissue. It acts as a scaffold for collagen and elastin to bind to. It is true that HA binds water to augment and hydrate the skin. This is extracellular fluid and independent of the amount of oral water intake. Drinking water is great for you, but there is ZERO Scientific evidence that drinking water will influence your HA dermal filler results. If you need more volume or want to increase the longevity of the filler, you just need more filler.

2020 was a real pain in the Ass.


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