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How Long Does This Sh** Last?

Thank you for the idea for this post...Stephen from Canada!!

How long does this sh** last, and when do I need to follow up?

Duration of product is variable, and based upon multiple factors...product used, amount (dose) of product used, inherent response of the patient to the product...etc..Given these variables we will have a general discussion on duration, based upon Study data and clinical experience.

Neuromodulators - Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Jueveau - Typical time to onset with all four Neuromodulators currently available on the US market is 2-4 days, with 100% efficacy at 2 weeks. Botox, Dysport should last 3-4 months, the other two somewhat less. If..If..the products are lasting less than 3 months, then this is a dosing issue , you need more product, period, end of story..This does not mean that product isn't working for you, or you need to change product..All four of these products are derived from the same strain of Botulinum Toxin, if you do not respond to one, you will not respond to the other. I have my patients follow up quarterly for treatment.

Dermal Fillers - So many to discuss. I will be short and to the point with them..Generally..the duration as outlined in clinical studies is directly related to the dose (amount) of product used..what does this mean? it means that if 4 syringes were used in a study to achieve a satisfactory patient response for 18 syringe is not going to get you 18 months of correction..that being is a brief rundown on duration of dermal fillers...just for brevity's sake I am going to concentrate on Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, can discuss non-HA at a later date.


Voluma - 24 months cheeks, 12 months chin/jawline

Vollure - 18 months

Volbella - 12 months

Juvederm Ultra Plus - 14-16 months

Juvederm Ultra - 12 months


All Restylane Products - 12 months


Belotero - +/- 6 - 9 months

Re-treatment with dermal filler..really depends upon the product and the treatment remember these treatments are synergistic.

Hope this helps...cheers

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