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Injecting With Intention

Practice going with the flow

Be present, be confident,

Be spontaneous, and be free

Above all , be like water - Bruce Lee

Zen is the approach to an activity, skill, or subject that emphasizes simplicity and intuition rather than conventional thinking or fixation on goals.

A state of calm attentiveness, in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort.

Attentiveness. Presence. Precision.

Syringe. Product. Hand. Consciousness…

No disassociation. One is an extension of the other. Working in harmony to complete a consistent objective…

How many times during your career have you inserted a hypodermic needle into human skin?

One hundred? One thousand? One hundred thousand??

How many times have you thoroughly considered the process of guiding the hypodermic needle into the tissue?

Have you paid attention to the feel of the needle tip as it penetrates the tissue?

The patients response to this action?

Do you feel each unique layer of tissue as the needle passes?

Do you acknowledge the exact position of the needle tip?

Are you cognizant of how the needle is removed from the tissue?

How much care do you take upon withdrawal?

This is an act we perform automatically as Medical Professionals…without thought…without intention.

This action must be well thought out and respected as a professional Aesthetic Provider of the Highest Order.

Injection, and Injecting is artful and elegant.

The syringe is much more than a delivery vehicle. The act of injecting is as integral a part of the process as the consultation. The procedure. The material.

Appreciate the syringe. Appreciate the hypodermic needle (or cannula) that has been placed upon it.

Care should be taking to identify the exact area, and moment, where the needle will pass through the tissue.

Be particularly aware of needle angle. The delicate grasp of the syringe. The placement of hands on the patient. Distraction of the tissue, not only to minimize discomfort, but for ease in penetrating the tissue layers.

Perceive the needle as it passes through the tissue, arriving at the explicit location required for optimal, beautiful treatment. Depress the plunger with the precise amount of force needed to introduce the product. Taking great care in the speed and pressure of dispersal.

Deliberate, Precise placement. Taking great care in removal of the needle from the tissue. The extrication of the needle is just as important as insertion of the needle.

Gentle pressure should be placed over the treatment area.

Then smile, and nod knowingly to the syringe and needle for its definitive work. It is an extension of you.

The syringe is full of life! It is not an inanimate object to be grabbed, yanked, pulled, jabbed and tossed back on the tray.

Created by prokaryotic organisms, the Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler we assign, the Neuromodulator we employ, fantastically created by bacterial life forms.

Living, creating, not unlike we are.

How we inject that makes a world of difference not only in the patient experience, but in achieving superior outcomes.

Respect our calling…Inject with Intention..

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