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The Girl With The Droopy Eye

Many of you are aware of this young lady and her unfortunate Botox experience, that she has so graciously shared with millions of people around the globe. I have had multiple patients ask me about the issue she seems to have had, and I have been told by these same patients, that they have friends that are now frightened to receive a Botox treatment for fear of ending up like this.

Let's talk about this...It appears that multiple things have gone awry here..She presents, not only with the extremely noticeable eyelid droop, but also, brow flattening (ptosis) also confined to the right side. I am not here to criticize the Provider, and neither should you, due to the fact that none of us know exactly what transpired. That being said, what I am here to tell you is that the chance of this happening to you, is almost, ZERO!!

In the initial trials with Botox, the incidence of true eyelid ptosis, was on the order of 2%. I can tell you from personal experience... 10+ years in Aesthetic Medicine I have seen two cases of eyelid ptosis (not caused by me). The good news is that this event can be remedied through the use of a particular eye drop, typically around 2 weeks of use, so one would not have to wait the entire 3-4 month lifespan of Botox cosmetic.

What is the take home message? Get Botox, it's great! I am glad she shared her story with us, great learning opportunity. This will not happen to you, but, choose your Provider, carefully.

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