To Tip or Not To Tip...That Is The ?

Tipping was never something I would ever have ever thought I would encounter as a Medical Professional, but I have, and it was awkward and unfamiliar. The idea of offering tips to a Medical Professional makes me uncomfortable, although flattering, uncomfortable. I have had to deal with this phenomenon once in my career. There was a company I worked with whose policy was to encourage and accept gratuity for "service" staff..aestheticians, RN, NP, PA, etc..You want to know how to piss a bunch of people off real quick, ask that the tipping policy be changed....and that brings us to the present moment.

So, should I tip my Cosmetic Provider?..well, let us break this down...Are they a Medical Professional (RN, NP, PA, MD, DO)? Are they providing you with a medical therapy or treatment (Botox, dermal filler, etc)? Do you tip your dentist? Your Ob/Gyn? You see where I'm going with this. The answer to the initial question is, No!

It is not considered proper in the United States to tip a professional—Nurse, Physician, PA, or Dentist—any more than you would think of tipping a lawyer. Again, I am a Medical Professional, providing medical therapies, to my patients. Patients do not tip! Do not tip me! Period! End of story! At my practice there is no option, and I gracefully decline any attempt to tip.

If patients would like to show their gratitude..refer a friend, write a nice review, leave a note, say thank you.. thats is all that is required.

Always, always... tip your Aesthetician, Esthetician, nail tech, hair dresser, wait staff, bartender, etc..

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